Nutritional Counsellor

Your body will reveal your lifestyle

Nutritional Needs!  Why is this so difficult for some of us to attain?

Nutritional needs are met through our eating habits.

Nutrition refers to:
The NURTURING of our Body.  Keeping it healthy and functioning.  Providing our body with essential food, vitamins and minerals. AND exercise.
We each have our own individual needs and as we age our needs constantly change.
So many choices in supermarkets. Are they healthy choices? Some promote disease rather than the Good Health we desire.  We need to become active choosers.
EASY -  you shop selectively picking healthy alternatives.
I can support you in having a healthy lifestyle. Recommendations are given to improve your emotional and physical health and well-being.  
1/1basis - � per consultation.      
HOW MANY? That is totally reliant on you and the work you put into it. I educate, you learn and take ACTION!
For one and a half hours  
Nutritional introductory session - 5 minimum, 10 maximum - �

Mobile: 07956 040067


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