My counselling practice is based in Strood, Rochester, Kent and with easy access from Bluewater, Dartford, Greenhithe, Gravesend, Bexley, Sidcup, Bexleyheath, Meopham, Cobham and surrounding areas including the other Medway towns (Chatham, Gillingham) and Maidstone.

I have worked in the field of counselling for 15 years.  I work with individuals, couples and children. My approach is integrative, incoprorating a variety of therapeutic techniques to suit you, the client, enabling you to work through feelings, problems and develop personally or professionally. I am MCS (Accred)

I can help you to find answers to your problems/anxieties, listen without judging in a safe and professional manner. Your privacy and confidentiality are professionally respected.

Our psychological, emotional and physical well being are affected at times in life; sometimes this can make life seem so difficult, challenging or traumatic. Counselling can provide support to people, enabling them to solve their problems through a number of different approaches.

Consultation fees
Counselling: £35.00


What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, a master calls a butterfly - R Bach

Eating Disorders

My work in eating disorders began when a member of my family truly suffered.  I was lost in knowing what to do.  I became interested in the "dis-ease" so I studied and trained in Eating Disorders. I now have  established a successful practice over 12 years.

This term covers a wide range of issues. Briefly it is a group of  disorders in which there are significant changes and disturbances in eating. Two common examples are Anorexia Nervosa; a refusal to maintain an acceptable body weight for one's height and age. Bulimia Nervosa; uncontrollable binge eating which may be followed by purging, through self induced vomiting, laxatives or diuretics.

If you or someone that you know has a concern about physical, emotional or psychological health please call for advice or support.

Mobile: 07956 040067


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